Contouring Serum for localized fat reduction

01Upregulates Lipolysis, inhibits Lipogenesis

02Can be applied to every parts that have fat

03Minimizes pain & side effects


01Effective Face & Body slimming solution
Synthetically derived Deoxycholic Acid dismantles cell membrane,
preferentially of fat cells. And it effectively breaks down fat cells.

02Anti-inflammation Kabelline inhibits inflammatory cytokine.

03Upregulation of β-oxidation L-Carnitine helps to transfer fatty acids into mitochondria for β-oxidation. It inhibits re-accumulation of fat.

How Kabelline Works?



breaks down fat cells



Minimizes pain & side effects


Inhibits Lipogenesis

No longer accumulates fat

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Kabelline Q&A

1.What are the main benefits of KABELLINE?

KABELLINE is 3 steps of total fat care solution. It breaks down fat cells, minimizes pain and inhibits lipogenesis.

2.How long is the recovery time?

Normally it would take 1~2 days. But you can go back to your daily life instantly.

3.Are there any side effects?

Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of KABELLINE, there is no severe side effect compared to other products in the market.

4.Is there any tip for the best result?

After applying KABELLINE, it would be helpful to massage softly.

5.What is the recommended protocol?

We recommend 3~6 sessions at 7~10 days interval.

6.Is it okay to mix KABELLINE with other products?

We do not recommend it.